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By Missy2013 (registered) - website | Posted January 28, 2017 at 12:55:56

I think it behooves any sensible observer of 'world events' to consistently LISTEN to opposing sides of the observed 'reality' and form their own judgments about the veracity of any claim. No two sides or views are alike, or ever equal. Fact check, dig deeper, and always challenge your own assumptions. We CAN be wrong. As much as we can be Right.

As example, I was initially upset to read that a female writer for SNL was 'suspended' for her 'tweet' about Trump's son, Barron. WHAT?? How Outrageous!!

I soon learned that she deleted the offensive tweet, apologized, and that she came to understand the hard way that going after a famous person's kid (regardless if he's the President's son) is not only cruel but unprofessional, even for a comedian. Personally, I initially thought that she should not be professionally crucified for her obvious mistake. She did correct her error and then apologized. That should be enough. Free Press and all.

However, that said, the INSTANT communication of Twitter meant that the IMPACT of her tweet generated significant response and controversy within seconds of posting it. And that's where I now have really no sympathy for the end consequence of her action. She's a 'communicator' and KNOWS how Twitter works. She kind of got the heated reaction she deserved.

This whole tempest-in-a-teapot could have been easily avoided altogether if she had THOUGHT about what she was writing before she wrote it.

So, yes Ryan, SOME self-censorship is needed if we hope to evolve towards a more civil discourse, on-line and off - especially about President Trump.

Going after his under-age kid is not 'the way'. Now or Ever. And that's my judgement call.

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