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By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted January 26, 2017 at 18:44:47

First off, I want to thank Ryan for getting around to addressing this issue. I was critical of Ryan for not bringing this issue to the forefront earlier. I feel like your voice is wasted adding to the anti-Trump rhetoric that is literally being covered by every media news outlet in the world. We have our own problems in Hamilton.

Having said that, I'm not happy with these plans. I'm personally against the LRT due to its cost. But, I absolutely see the need for reduced car traffic in this city. I'm not convinced people will abandon their cars for the LRT; in fact, I'll wager that it will have no effect. However, I *am* convinced that the train will slow traffic down in terms of congestion and taking up lanes from car traffic. So in that regard and that regard only I'm pro-LRT. I don't drive. I'm a cyclist and a pedestrian and I see that the two major highways that are running through Hamilton (King and Main) need to be broken up.

But taking out bike lanes to accommodate cars is a major step backward. I can't support these plans. You're pushing the weakest and most vulnerable off the streets. I read your proposals but I still don't understand how I get over the 403 on a bicycle. This is absolutely frustrating. I'm more convinced then ever that the LRT belongs on Main; not King. Better yet, scrap it, save the Ontario taxpayer a billion and get on board with electric buses which are the future due to their flexibility. Paris and Vegas have autonomous electric buses online today. What will be available by the time the LRT opens for business in 2024? It's ridiculous. Open bus lanes back up. We can do this immediately. If you're ready to rip up the streets to install tracks then what's preventing us from putting the lanes back? The more I think about this issue the more convoluted, complicated, expensive, and unrealistic it is. It's so simple. You build from the bicycle up. Put in bike lanes. Then bus lanes. Cars get what's left over. The LRT is pushing out bikes and letting the cars through. It's absolutely counter intuitive. I've contacted my councillor, Johnson, Horvath, and the Hamilton Cycling Committee and will continue to do so until there's a real answer to the question: "How do I ride my bike from Strathcona to Mac on pavement without detours when the LRT opens." It seems you've glossed over this point Ryan; the Spec has reported the King Street lane will also be eliminated at the overpass leaving one lane for cars: This would effectively prevent cyclists from getting over the 403 and will cut Hamilton in two.

I urge all cyclists and pedestrians to oppose the current plan. I understand that some supporters will treat this like the Liberals treated C51 "We know it's bad but we promise to fix it later" but this is a vehicle locked onto a track; there will be no fixes after it's built. Do not accept the reduction of cycling lanes along King St.

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