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By Undecided (anonymous) | Posted June 02, 2016 at 22:30:03

I am undecided on this topic. I have read Ryan's piece on The Hamiltonian and then I read Terry Whitehead's piece on The Hamiltonian. I feel that Merulla opened up this can of worms and has caused many people to think about this again. I have to admit that i do nt have the expertise to know who is right on the technocal side of things. LRT has been a big topic in the core of Hamiltomn but I don't think too many people in other areas of the city care as much. I would be okay with more busses running and more coverage. They say that LRT is cheaper? But if I am right, it only goes from Mac to traffic circle and then down james? I knosw it has to start somewhere, but it seems like a lot of trouble to tear up roads and stuff. My wish is that everyone can have a discussion that is civil. I thight it was bad when some people started attacking The Hamiltonian for just asking questions. I hope we have not come to that. The reason why I am undecided is because I also found Mr. McGreal article in The Hamiltonian very good. I hope I don't get my comment deleted just by telling it the way i see it. Some people are saying that if you arwe against LRT or if you even question it, that you get bullied about. That's sad.

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