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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted May 31, 2016 at 16:03:04 in reply to Comment 118918

That's a good analysis to present to people who claim that Hamilton's population is "too small" for LRT, in conjunction with the fact that even the ridership on the current Main/King routes (around 30,000 per day in 2009 and over 36,000 now) is already enough to put us in the mid-range of currently operating systems.

Nevertheless, a city like Grenoble, with a metro population of 450,000 has had a very successful LRT network since the mid 1980s and is now building their fifth line. So there isn't really a good case to argue 520,000 alone is not enough.

I think many in Hamilton still don't get that we cannot rely on a "almost everyone drives almost everywhere" transportation model for much longer, especially once the the McMaster-Eastgate corridor densifies and functions again as an economically dynamic city again, which should be the goal. As in other cities, the first LRT line will be followed by others serving different parts of the city, perhaps as laid out in the BLAST plan.

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