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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 26, 2016 at 08:13:31

The City of London which was planning a combined LRT and BRT based rapid transit system recently decided via their experts that, just a BRT only system was best. This was primarily based on the cost, $500 Million instead of $880 Million for the combined LRT and BRT system. Upon hearing that Hamilton's Council might turn down their free transit money, London's Council is prepared to officially ask the provincial government for Hamilton's $1 Billion for their entire combined LRT and BRT system. They realized that Their BRT decision was primarily based on capital cost and a BRT only system is just more affordable but as designed will move fewer people and attract far less development for their city. However, if there is now going to be $1 Billion extra flying around for LRT well, why not ask?

Halton Region (primarily Burlington and Oakvilleis also asking that they get the Hamilton's funding for their Dundas Street Rapid Transit proposal. We will probably here from Brampton soon as well! Toronto has 4 rapid transit projects ready to be funded and there is still phase 2 money needed for Ottawa's or Waterloo's LRT Systems. Come on Hamilton Council, S* or get off the pot!

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