Comment 118788

By Steve on George Street (anonymous) | Posted May 26, 2016 at 07:06:57

I'm sincerely troubled with our council. It seems time after time it's the same type of people who get elected actively choose to keep Hamilton in the dark ages.. This should not be brought up again for discussion. It was voted and the money is there to do a great service for the city. I cannot believe there are foolish councillors who want to say no to this money??
Absolutely unreal, and truly an embarrassment to everyone watching.. They certainly are not speaking for me, and I wish there was a way to wake this city up..
It would be helpful if our wonderful bunch at city hall would spend more time promoting a wonderful thing. Too bad some of them have an emotional quotient of a teen in high school worrying about some silly complaints from a business in the international village whose business wasn't going to make it any way.. So many come and go in that area, and I think with the completed LRT it will only be an area highly sought after in the end. Too much ignorance on an issue in a city where the status quo has always been the highlight of the day..
Sad really!

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