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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 21, 2016 at 11:28:06 in reply to Comment 118729

Ottawa figures on transit way service for acceleration and various bus and rail vehicles measured in Ottawa (Letrim Rd Facility) or at other Canadian dynamic & static measuring facilities.

8% accepted error rate

12 Metre (40 foot) Standard Bus= 1.49/s2 18 Metre (60 foot) Standard Articulated Bus=1.42m/s2

Most LRT vehicles for sale in North America=1.15-1.34 /s2

Alstom Citadis Spirit LRV (Alstom LRV for North Amwerican Market) measured in Ottawa (modified Citadis Type 302 LRV)= 1.33m/s2

Skytrain or Scarborough RT Mark1 vehicles=0.95 m/s2 (LIM Motors)

Skytrain Mark 2 & 3 Vehicles = 1.1 m/s2 (LIM Motors)

T1 or Toronto Rocket Class Subway Trains=0.95m/s2

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