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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted May 17, 2016 at 08:12:10

I drive a car and I agree on using narrower streets for the Waterfront -- it makes so much sense for this area -- use the leftover space of 3.5 meter lanes to create two 3 meter lanes + protected cycle lanes.

Keeping the door open to shrinking the garage size would be a good idea -- it would be contingent on Waterfront A-Line LRT. Phase 1 won't need the garage (yet), and Phase 2 could be built when the LRT is extended to the waterfront.
Phase 1 could begin building well before the LRT begins building.

There's already a greenway in the waterfront plans, which at least provide a micro car-free community (at least along one "road" where one road would have gone. I'd love to see more of these, and the option of "car free" living is easily possible here especially if the A-Line extends to Guise St.

Let's take advantage of these waterfront plans, and make the necessary minor tweaks. Mixed income elements is a widely suggested tweak. And definitely, slightly narrower car lanes would be a great fit, opposition by drivers should be low since there are no "through roads" involved.

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