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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted April 01, 2016 at 14:20:35 in reply to Comment 117413

Well, just to be equally ghoulish, if all deaths occurred in one intersection and you improve that intersection you'll get more bang for your buck, right?

These kinds of improvements aren't solely for the prevention of death and injury. They also improve quality of life for pedestrians and motorists and extend the lifespan of the street.

On the topic of brother-in-law's brother was struck by a car when he was 18. He was thrown 30 feet and suffered extensive injuries. The most life altering of those was a brain injury which left him with the cognitive ability of a six year old. This accident occurred almost 40 years ago. He is still alive and lives in a group home. I would imagine the costs to the province to care for him over the past 40 years are significant. But, when you see what it did to the family the cost is absolutely irrelevant.

Think hard about it. Will you really feel the pinch? Can you ever really tell when your taxes go up or down? I've been paying for 20+ years and I couldn't tell you how one tax break or hike affected me. Maybe put down the moral calculator and see if you can eliminate cost from your judgement.

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