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By JasonL (registered) | Posted March 28, 2016 at 19:54:26 in reply to Comment 117321

you're right on all counts. We need to wait for the real info instead of the partial info from an opinion columnist simply trying to drive readers.

A legit reporter will have some basic facts researched and inform readers of info such as the current set-up which forces all cars to only turn in one direction when entering Main and King St. In other words, a non-issue that all Hamilton drivers are used to with our plethora of one-way streets. In fact, if King and Main go two-way, drivers will have full access in either direction on Main and have 2-way access at all signalized intersections on King. Similar to York Blvd currently.

I suspect once the full and correct info comes out in May, staff will be sure to inform citizens that they will gain all kinds of new access with 2-way Main, as well as show them the city data which shows Main carrying 50% of it's capacity, meaning the street is essentially half empty. Logic tells us to turn it 2-way and put that empty 50% to good use for motorists.

The lame clickbait opinion pieces published so far by the Spec are good reminders as to why I dropped my subscription many years ago. Looking forward to the official release from Metrolinx/City Hall in May

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