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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted March 28, 2016 at 16:15:46 in reply to Comment 117301

I'm not talking about two-way main, which is a much larger conversation, but two way King.

King will be broken as a throughway either way. To me, the question is whether two narrow one-lane, one-way alleyways is more useful than a single two-lane westbound road. Plus, a one-way King would give them room to have more elaborate platforms since the road could be constricted to 1 lane if needed... a two way road does not have this option.

Normally I'm all about two-way conversions because we're usually talking about converting massive unsafe 4+lane traffic sewers into normal streets. In this case, a 1-way road isn't going to be anything like that.

I'd say the same for James too - given the various options, a 1-way 2-lane James with Street side parking (and lrt on the remaining 2 lanes) would be my preferred option, not because I'm excited about 1 way streets but just because this allows the road to still work as a place people can pull over and stop.

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