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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted March 27, 2016 at 14:30:21 in reply to Comment 117265

Cherrypicking an LRT line that has quite some stupid mistakes in them.

Even this pro-LRTer love to point out this National Post article: The $600M Edmonton train that snarls traffic, slows down transit times and increases emissions.

I point out the article writer also says:

I am a fervent — almost fanatical — supporter of public transit. I’ve taken pleasure trips to foreign cities largely to soak up the sublime efficiency of an S-Bahn or a New York City A-train. I have trouble sleeping until I comfort myself with visions of the Metro Line LRT tracks being torn up, French résistance-style, so the tyrannical train can never, ever run again.


before designing a single new subway line or streetcar lane, be cognizant of one ironclad maxim; don’t let idiots build your transit.


It’s why I urge you, policymakers of Canada; come to Edmonton. Examine its failure. Immerse yourself in its incompetence. Gawk at its ineptitude.

All of which is really noteworthy, that this National Post writer (in other writings) has liked LRTs in certian other cities but hates the Edmonton LRT, which you so eloquently point out.

Lest we say Metrolinx built the UPX -- no longer an excuse as it is now is finally exceeding its original ridership targets thanks to fare cuts which should have been from Day 1. And we also point out Metrolinx has a bunch of successful initiatives too as well, from the Lakeshore 30-minute all day, the major Hamilton GO construction, to the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

The Calgary C-Train LRT operates merrily efficiently. And there is a lot of other efficient LRT routes including Portland, Minneapolis and Houston -- otherwise known an American suburbia -- surface routes quickly going through surface traffic lights seamlessly integrated into the system, rather than Edmonton's infernal crossing gates that stays down for minutes! And the signal problems that limit speeds to 25kph.

To be fair, I see Edmonton scrambling to fix the problems (at the cost of several million dollars), so it may very well become all solved, with trains going at their original rated speed, and the unusually-long crossing gate delays fixed in due time.

Hamilton LRT has none of those Edmonton crossing gates.

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