Comment 117197

By mountain66 (registered) | Posted March 23, 2016 at 13:17:21 in reply to Comment 117175

I have been to one those meetings and the problem we saw was that the first people there took over 30 minutes, they were still there when we left as there was another person ahead of us. The article notes Ward 7 is a diverse ward and in my opinion Ward 8 is even more so. You have multi million dollar homes on Scenic Drive and Auchmar, urban sprawl south of Stonechurch and the rental ghetto from Brantdale to Mohawk and Upper James to West 5th. In fairness it must be really hard to satisfy everyone in the ward so it appears the plan is to keep just enough people happy to get re-elected and when only 35% voted last time it appears to be pretty easy.

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