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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted January 20, 2016 at 10:32:18 in reply to Comment 116168

Ooops, I see one of the images did not embed properly, so appending:

An example of how 1-way road can become nicer for bikes/pedestrians too, done in a way without drivers feeling too inconvenienced. Imgur

Obviously, I personally don't think it applies to Hamilton (keeping Main 1-way) due to the much lower density of Hamilton, given New York City swells to 3 million. I really think traffic engineering can sufficiently divert cars and not delay drivers (including me!!) too much, while also bringing the social/economic benefits of the upcoming LRT in a tamer corridor.

However, I say to point this out, even New York City's crossings on 1-way streets are much frlendlier than ours.

As a 2-way advocate myself, I am pragmatic here: It's a nod to an acknowledgement that 1-way streets can be improved, if it's the right street, in the right circumstances. A good 1-way design is often better than a botched-up 2-way street, but I really think Main/King should be more normal arterials and not urban expressways. And it is wholly possible that Main could be a staged generational conversion project, which might, possibly include a friendlier 1-way option as an interim step, as one of the possible many scenarios I acknowledge could in theory happen...

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