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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted December 08, 2015 at 13:10:34 in reply to Comment 115527

It may be useful to use this Stoney Creek file as part of a "CHAPTER OF MISSED OPPORTUNITIES" (A potential presentation unto itself) as a textbook case study to scare us not to screw up the LRT corridor.

I assume there is probably a Concession-style revitalization "default" template from Gage to Downtown, while much better than status quo, is possibly not enough.

Hamilton can do so much better than that -- even with simple line-item edits like avoiding skimping on tree allotment, greenway strips (with healthy dirt), advocating for pushbutton-operated pedestrian crosswalks in the long sections between stoplights, etc.

At the same time we have to also make sure it really revitalizes as the LRT corridor absolutely must make a good impression.

Looking at the 2011 LRT near-blueprints, the sidewalks do indeed look wider, but the whole community will need to microscope through the 2011 EA and advocate for reasonable minor changes that has huge impact.

The LRT near-blueprint is a very slow-downloading file, and when the hamiltonLRT website launches, It'll likely have a section post that posts many of these screens for much easier viewing, so that the public community can provide feedbacks on what (manageable, doable) changes they'd like to see. Some of these LRT near-blueprints images are a shock to some -- the LRT changes will be quite dramatic.

Many good including the wider sidewalks seen, and some hard-to-adjust like the 1-car-traffic-lane that could raise revolt once actually done (which, ideally, consequently, we must have a Main/Cannon/Wilson traffic diversion plan; preferentially all of them 2-way if traffic simulations show this to be favourable). We simply must have a beautiful plan (not just LRT) to compensate for the plan -- including the wider sidewalks.

Most who live around me, definitely want the LRT, but those who don't like LRT but are still providing useful feedback of useful make-it-lesser-evil tweaks like agreeing on the "wider sidewalks" points, and "extra pusbhutton pedestrian crosswalks on King" point (a more substantative and useful comment than the unhelpful "don't built LRT" comments still occasionally seen)

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