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By RobF (registered) | Posted November 06, 2015 at 16:52:47 in reply to Comment 114695

When you get down to it everyone is NIMBY. The label is not overly helpful and is over-used, IMHO.

I wouldn't advise laying things out in the manner that Issac Brock Dr is, and personally having grown up in a similar like environment I have different preferences ... I'm well aware of the shortcomings.

But the basic tension is harder. How would you impose intensification? You're not going to bull-doze the entire subdivision urban renewal style, even if blowing up the suburbs is many an architect-planner's wet-dream. More modestly, in some old, inner-ring suburban places I know on the westcoast land is scarce and valuable enough for economic self interest to push individual homeowners to cash out if they live on frontages way out of whack with the now urbanized "suburb" around them. That doesn't work in a context where land as you say is plentiful.

There's a reason that most intensification pressure in Hamilton is focused on spaces that are already fairly dense. The type of people, including myself, that want to live in more compact, denser neighbourhoods aren't looking to live in a compact house or townhouse off Mud Street.

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