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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted September 10, 2015 at 15:22:46 in reply to Comment 113817

There's no bike lanes on Hatt due to the number of trucks going in to the industrial area that Hatt is.

Creighton is an option for a single lane, but with the winding roads (being wider so that trucks and so forth can get onto Governor's Rd.) and some hills it could make it unsafe for all modes of transportation.

If anything, with the wide streets along Governor's (at least past Creighton), perhaps on the north side of Governors, a cycle lane could be put in there. They have wide sidewalks and a large ditch, as well as a desire path opposite the high school. There could also be something going in the Senator Homes subdivision as that links up to the lower part of Hatt etc.

Sydenham is not a good location for a bike lane. It's rarely used by cyclists and I am completely unsure where you get the notion that it's a "rarely-used roadway". It connects the upper/rural parts of Dundas, Flamborough and Waterdown into Dundas/Hamilton. It's constantly got vehicles on it. It's also ridiculously graded and I feel unsafe with the way drivers drive it - and when I see people on bikes or skateboards going down I'm surprised there aren't more fatalities along there (I cringe to think of how many people get hurt flying down that bottom turn when coming down the hill!)

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