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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted August 24, 2015 at 12:01:48

That it is an "editorial" is what is so galling. The official position of Hamilton's largest (only?) daily paper and opinion-leading media outlet is that journalists are fair game for physical tussles with pols, and that political pressure trumps principles like "zero tolerance" (they gotta keep those lines of communication with Lloyd and Team Council open!).

Principles? Truth? Journalistic freedom? Fuggedaboutit.

At least we know now how the Spec would react if Matt were manhandled by an elected official: they'd urge him, or any of his colleagues who call City Hall their "workplace" to just STFU and move on. "Lay it to rest before it consumes more airtime at the expense of more important matters," Howard will say.

On the other hand, it is not surprising in the least to see Team Council (perennially testing the trust of constituents) and The Spec reading from the same playbook. Joey's presence was annoying to both of them, and Basse's report gave everyone an excuse to force Joey out of his workplace (a public building), and make his life difficult as both a journalist and a citizen.

That the City has succeeded in grinding out Joey and (temporarily) killing The Public Record is why the Spec editorial has me literally BEGGING Megan to let me cancel our subscription. I used to be happy paying both Howard & Joey to provide me some local news, insight and analysis, but I can't in good conscience continue to shovel a monthly fee over to a business with values like, "Protect power," and "Ignore the past".

Hamilton Council showed their true colours when accepting Basse's pathetic report and now The Spec has OK'd that flawed decision and recommends moving on. I think we should move on, too--I'll save the $$ I would have given to the Spec for Joey's comeback, and as for Council, 2018 can't come soon enough.

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