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By jason (registered) | Posted August 21, 2015 at 22:19:32 in reply to Comment 113609

actually, it's the other way around with the trees. Iron grates kill the trees. Check out the trees downtown where the trunks have literally been sliced by the grates as the trees grew too big for the small steel hole.

Best practices for urban tree planting involve planting areas with no restrictions on the trunk.
Open soil, or this biodegradable rubber cover which allows pedestrians to walk but it disintegrates with ease as the tree gets bigger, and allows rainwater into the ground and tree root system:

Grates should only be used if there is a deep, long open well underneath the grate, and a very large space around the tree trunk:

Personally, I prefer rain gardens at the base of sidewalk trees with cuts in the sidewalk to run water into these planting wells, instead of building up curbs around gardens/trees like we do in Hamilton to direct all the water into the sewer system. With our constant urban flooding issues, it's stunning that city hall resists these proven ideas when constructing urban streetscapes:

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