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By kdslote (registered) | Posted August 21, 2015 at 09:57:58

Kevin, we've chatted a few times about permeable traffic filters in Durand to avoid rat-running. My knee-jerk reaction has been 'but how will this work, won't that just route through traffic to other streets, making some streets worse and others better?'

But - I really want to better understand how this could work in Durand. Would love to see your blue sky ideal for Durand traffic calming. I just spent a week in the Glebe neighbourhood of Ottawa and they have a number of traffic calming / permeable filters to limit neighbourhood traffic, particularly from Queen Elizabeth Drive at the neighbourhood's Eastern edge. As a tourist, this was frustrating at first as I often had to take very long detours to get where I needed to go. However, I could see the benefits for residents as it would keep through traffic to peripheral roads and the main commercial street (Bank).

In Durand, I would assume this would mean keeping through traffic on Queen (likely requiring 2-way conversion), Main, King, and James. Would an east-west through connection not still be required at the south end of the neighbourhood though (i.e. Herkimer / Charlton)?

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