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By Dalaine (registered) | Posted July 30, 2015 at 07:08:58 in reply to Comment 113154

I would argue that there have not been "improvements to our food supply", nor has there been "increased access to food for the poor". This is a myth spread by the industrial food system. Our food supply has never been more at risk, most of what is sold as 'food' is not in fact food in the sense that there is any nutrition in it, and billions of people are starving both from too little food and too much food. Just one suggested reading: The End of Food ( )

North Americans currently spend the smallest proportion of their income on food than at any point in history (just under 10 percent, compared to 17.5 percent in the 1960s, for example). Coincidentally, the percentage of overweight and obese people is edging up over two-thirds, the highest ever. That is not a "great human advance". We won't even get in to the externalization of the environmental costs of industrial food production, or the loss of local jobs.

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