Comment 112571

By Mark Rejhon (anonymous) | Posted July 06, 2015 at 17:27:06 in reply to Comment 112570

There's enough battery capacity to store several days of lack of solar, so there's plenty of time.

They know the "GPS route" -- the bicycle draws a line on a specially custom version of Google Map (companies have access to the mapping API for this sort of thing) -- and they know the last person who entered a code. If the line of the bike route disappears into a building pictured on Google Satellite Maps, they know it probably entered the door of that building.

So because:
- They can draw the line of the bike route; and
- They know the last user who moved the bike

They can email/call you & tell you to relocate the bike back into a publicly accessible location. They are very friendly about these sort of things as not everyone realizes it, but it's happened before.

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