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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted June 12, 2015 at 14:36:38 in reply to Comment 112206

Non-visible speed measurements for the 2002 Durand Traffic Study showed similar results: 40% of traffic on the minor arterials (Charlton/Herkimer) exceeded the 50km/h speed limit and that 200 vehicles per day exceeded 65 km/h (the speed at which a pedestrian has over 85% of being killed if struck).

To claim that this is not a problem because "only" a small percentage of motorists drive at speeds dangerous to other street users is like claiming that a test showing that 7% of Hamilton's water samples are poisonous is not a problem because 93% of the samples were okay. Would you have no problem with 1% of drivers exceeding 120 km/h on the street you live on (say 50 per day)?

Don't forget that studies have also shown that Hamilton is the second most dangerous places in Ontario to be a pedestrian

Maybe you don't care about seniors, kindergarten children, school children and their parents who have to put up with these risks on this short section of street. But most of the community actually does. The Durand Neighbourhood Association has been advocating for calmer complete streets for everyone for the past 40 years; it is not some imaginary problem dreamt up by RTH.

And these changes would make the streets safer for motorists as well! The idea that people who support safer complete streets in a dense urban neighbourhood like the Durand somehow never drive is ridiculous.

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