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By LifelongHamiltonian (registered) | Posted June 11, 2015 at 17:00:45 in reply to Comment 112180

You're absolutely right, however, there are tolerances built into the equipment that is used to measure speed; both in the speedometers in the cars traveling this road as well as the equipment used to monitor and record it. Respecting that, we should fairly discard those traveling within the margin of error.

Taken from:

"Manufacturers are guided by a standard set by the Society of Automotive Engineers known as J1226 Electric Speedometer Specification. At speeds above about 90 km/h the allowable range for speed is 4% of the highest reading shown on the speedometer."

Now consider that the radar machine has an accuracy of 2% (for arguments sake only, I couldn't find actual values), and your potential inaccuracy is now 6%. That means your indicated 40kmh could be as high as 42.4km/h actual. It's not a lot, but it's enough to put you from a perfectly law abiding citizen to one of those "50% of drivers exceeding 40km/h" through no real fault of your own.

Discarding the people who were between 40-45km/hr reduces the number of people disobeying the speed limit to 23.99% of the population. Considering the systematic disregard for speed limits as mentioned earlier in the comments, sure there's room for improvement, but it's not too bad of a place to start.

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