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By UrbanMom (registered) | Posted June 11, 2015 at 14:05:35

This is our neighbourhood and my youngest goes to school at Central. We've been walking across Hunter at Park since my oldest was a newborn and yes, I can attest that it is a dangerous cross with children or solo. Many folks are heading to or returning from the Farmer's Market and carrying small buggies with them. The stairs at the back of City Hall encourage people to cross at that spot and my rambunctious boys have loved to go through the area.

The corner on the south side at Park St is also problematic with many small children with or without parents, cross either at the corner or within 100 metres of the corner where the school side entrance is. Cars turning from Hunter to Park do not slow down much and continue to drive very quickly through that turn without consideration that it is now a school area and a residential area with very high pedestrian traffic.

I'm very much in favour of converting the street to 2-way and putting in a pedestriant controlled light at Park and Hunter. Those two things would calm the street right down.

Now, do we have this data on Bay St between Charlton and Hunter because people are worse through that stretch?

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