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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted June 11, 2015 at 10:04:22 in reply to Comment 112165

Completely automated photo radar is absolutely standard in many places like the UK and France and various forms are starting to be used in Canada, in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

But it is unpopular because many motorists see nothing wrong with speeding and actually complain bitterly about the unfairness of being ticketed for breaking the law. It doesn't help that the posted speed limits on controlled access highways (e.g. 400-series) bear no relation to the actual "informal" speed limit, that seems to be something like 125km/h. This leads motorists to think that the speed limit is just a suggestion, a minimum or that the real limit is +10 or 20 km/h.

The Canadian Safety Council claims the public actually supports photo radar:

But in a dense urban area it makes sense to start rigorously enforce speed limits until and unless the streets can be re-engineered. And some sort of portable photo radar system is the only thing that will work since the police don't have the resources (and shouldn't) spend their time trying to enforce speed limits on urban streets.

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