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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted June 04, 2015 at 08:48:26 in reply to Comment 111988

Taking a look at Google Maps Earth view, there's no housing around until Winterberry on the east, a few homes on Upper Mount Albion to the south, Upper Ottawa on the East, and the far side of the Linc on the North.

These are all reasons why the place shouldn't have ever been built. A McDonald's in a city, but with no-one around to buy food from it, and you defend it as if that is a selling feature. How is this place going to support itself? How will it ever generate enough tax revenue or economic value to justify the sewer, water, electrical and road services that have been built out to support it?

The fact that sidewalks are not built to a restaurant in the city are a tacit acknowledgement that it is not expected to succeed long term. Its an infrastructure liability.

Its a McDonalds. Cheap food that is at hand, except its hard to get to and you need to own a car to get to it. It makes no sense

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