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By jason (registered) | Posted May 25, 2015 at 22:11:24

we really need to get de-amalgamation on the table, and seriously, not just some stupid election ploy.

Just in the past few months alone we've heard of hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars planned to be spent on unnecessary roads entering the Ancaster business park, bypass in Waterdown, Waterdown Rd, cloverleaf Waterdown. 17,000 people generating NOTHING for the local economy and they're going to single-handedly bankrupt us because someone spotted a brake light once. Now this from Conley, the guy who said he can't support bike lanes because "we can't afford them".

A true, full 100% de-amalgamation would be such a dynamic wake-up call for these folks. Not the old regional government system that we used to have where the old city had all it's money sent out for sprawl construction in the burbs. I'm talking a true deamalgamation. The old city would be flush with cash overnight. Enough of these dino's ruining the city all the time.

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