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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted May 11, 2015 at 13:46:53 in reply to Comment 111503

You have to understand that not everyone can do that and that doesn't make them bad people. I just think the attitude around cycling here has to be more understanding on a human level.

Nobody here is suggesting that if you dont cycle year-round you are a bad person. However, the reason very few people cycle here in the winter is not because of snow or cold but because, as in the summer, the roads are dangerous and require dangerous interactions with cars. If one is uncomfortable riding in traffic, how much more so when it's snowy and the visibility is poor? If we built good cycling infrastructure, a lot of people would ride in the winter because it is cheap and fun!

I rode all winter this past year, but it was easy for me because I can travel on residential streets to get to and from the grocery store. If I had to ride in a bike lane (read: in traffic beside the windrows of snow that fill the bike lane) it would have been a different story.

And if I'm wrong then how do you explain Copenhagen, where most citizens cycle year round?.

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