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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted May 11, 2015 at 13:39:53 in reply to Comment 111498

In my opinion there is no significant difference between Europe and here, other than our cultural worship of cars, and our procrastination in modernizing streets and making them more complete.

I think there is a significant difference in that European cities have committed to density and human scale wholesale in a way that North American cities have not. The best city regions in North America are 100+ years old and borrow from the layouts of European cities, but we do have a much more significant commitment to auto-oriented development, which leads to our apparent love of cars (in other words, I'd say its not that we love cars so much as that we have built so much of our communities so that cars are often necessary).

That being said, these are not reasons why cycling should be different in North America, and in fact I would argue that its all the more reason to build cycling infrastructure. Dense, human-scale urban form is much harder to embrace when you are trying to sell it to a populace that feels they can't live without a car. Bike infrastructure is the anecdote to that need, and can allow communities to re-imagine themselves as not dependant on the car but able to function with two wheels or two feet.

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