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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted May 11, 2015 at 12:48:46 in reply to Comment 111503

By your own chart the least dense city listed has 3x the population per km2 than Hamilton.

Perhaps you're reading the chart wrong. The cities I listed range in density from 1,334 people per km^2 to 3,090 people per km^2, with Hamilton in the middle of the pack at 2,100 people per km^2. And these are all cites that range in population from 290,000 to 750,700, again with Hamilton in the middle of the pack at 497,550 (within the urban boundary).

It is simply wrong to claim that European cities are denser than North American cities. On both continents, there is a fairly wide range of city sizes, densities and modal splits. Cycling infrastructure designs that work in Europe also work in North America, and designs that work in big cities (or small towns) also work in mid-sized cities.

There is no excuse for Hamilton not to be investing in doing what we know will produce a much higher rate of cycling than we have today.

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