Comment 111503

By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted May 11, 2015 at 12:19:34 in reply to Comment 111497

Ok I stand corrected. If we're splitting hairs here then European cities aren't FAR denser - just somewhat denser. By your own chart the least dense city listed has 3x the population per km2 than Hamilton. My main point was that they have been 'somewhat denser' for far longer than North American cities and have environmental conditions that are more favourable to cycling. This has allowed cycling to take root there at a rate that is not possible here. Take the cyclists from the Netherlands and drop them in Hamilton in February and I'd be willing to bet that their cycling numbers will closely match those for current Hamiltonians in very short order.
For those who do ride in February good for them. It takes a real trooper to gear up and get out there in a -30 wind chill. You have to understand that not everyone can do that and that doesn't make them bad people. I just think the attitude around cycling here has to be more understanding on a human level.

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