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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted May 11, 2015 at 10:57:40 in reply to Comment 111495

We're not buried in snow for a third of the year. Especially if you factor in snow removal, you can count with your fingers the number of days we are actually "buried". I ride year round for over 7 years now, and nearly all of it is on bare pavement.

Some European cities that were bombed to the ground in World War 2 have rebuilt nearly completely - at first in the mid-20th century auto-centric model, then converted it to the complete streets they enjoy today. It was a series of decisions and commitments followed by action, not the duration of time they existed.

And our large population centers are spaced farther out, but inside cities, particularly downtowns, human form factors make densities pretty similar.

In my opinion there is no significant difference between Europe and here, other than our cultural worship of cars, and our procrastination in modernizing streets and making them more complete.

That said, I am singularly impressed with the progress Hamilton has made in cycling infrastructure over the years. Very inspiring and good progress so far, demand for cycling infrastructure has pushed the region toward a tipping point where it's starting to happen.

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