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By CharlesBall (registered) | Posted May 01, 2015 at 10:18:54 in reply to Comment 111310

This is slightly off topic and I don't really want to distract from the article, but maybe this guy isn't a troll. Maybe he really believes what he says and that his concerns are not feigned. I posted this elsewhere here this week.

I am not educated enough about sexual assault to make any comments on its cause, but letting this guy go wild, like he has on the other topic here (if its the same guy) without rebuttal may be worse than simply pointing out how his position seems to be myopic. Maybe if he realized that Russian soldiers in Berlin at the end of the second world war were acting out of power and revenge (maybe driven by their lust) resulted in 2 million rapes, that his views represent only a fraction of the causal reasons behind sexual assault. He could read this for example.

Sorry for feeding him if he doesn't take the time to read it and continues to rant away.

(my smart ass response to him would have been, if it wasn't for oxygen, no-one would be out there sinning.)

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