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By ianreynolds (registered) | Posted March 30, 2015 at 17:50:07

Since others have commented everything I feel, in that there are so many very obvious solutions to this problem if we only had the nerve to ask drivers to maybe look around once in awhile, does anyone else think that there's no reason CP has to be brought into this at all?

We can have the lights or signs or bumps or anything else before the tracks on the north side, and before the curve on the south side, and CP will have no reason to be involved, will they? There's already currently no signal process for crossing the tracks on wheels or on foot, so why there has to be CP involvement in this seems lost on me.

It also seems that the city was all "we've received your report and have decided to change everything about it." Pedestrians can already cross at Cumberland. I'm sure hundreds do every day. That's what our report came down to? Why don't you just keep doing what you're already doing?

And though I may be wrong, isn't this the place a couple years ago that jogger was hit by a car and killed when the driver said they couldn't see her?

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