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By misterque (registered) - website | Posted February 28, 2015 at 15:50:05

The staggering irony of this event is such evidence of this wee town's ability to rise to new levels of #wtf. In Canada is illegal to assault anyone, regardless of consent. One cannot give consent to be assaulted This is in place to protect those who are unable to speak out do extreme power differentials.

There is an extreme power differential between a long standing developer/councilor who is on the police board pushing a citizen journalist who has no legal department to assist him, no union to get him rehired, no resources to go to court. It is a sad precedent.

The fact that this report fails to even sanction the abuser on "Pink Shirt Day" to end bullying is the kind of wrought irony that only the city of steel can achieve. Those who are opposed to this behaviour are labeled dissident, activist, unemployed, and single (frankly not a goddamned thing wrong with any of those things).

Before you despair entirely. Please read Andre Marin's assessment of the quality of the report. It is reassuring to know that executive level professionals are equally dismayed by this report.

Another minor amusement comes from this pithy witticism. If councilors can now push citizens with impunity, can citizens now push councilors with impunity? Absolutely not! If a citizen were to push a councilor the citizen would be a "dope pusher" and that is illegal.

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