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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted February 06, 2015 at 21:42:51 in reply to Comment 108845

Well, in Burlington the sidewalks are done by the city.

The bike lanes are only clear if it's by fluke. Pretty much all ice mounds and frozen car tire track, completely unusable. And this is allegedly the most cycle friendly city in southern ontario. Yet on-road bike lanes very much appear to be excluded, and are simply not mentioned at all in the city snow control document.

Therefore the cyclist is evidently expected to use the road. And I control the right lane with almost no trouble from anybody, motorists seem to know what's up. And people are out riding bikes, regardless of what any village idiot says. The two I passed and three or four in opposite direction were not figments of my imagination.

So Hamilton will take the lead if it gets a bike lane snow control program. Yes it is extremely far removed from the sweepers dusting off every last snowflake off a Copenhagen bikeway. But for the immediate GTHA, Hamilton is putting in an effort that as far as I can tell leads the immediate area.

My opinion - get a good fleet of sidewalk gear, use it to do sidewalks, then run down the bike lanes afterward. I'd like to see both cities do that.

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