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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted February 04, 2015 at 23:37:53 in reply to Comment 108668

Your assessment of main street is not based in reality and I can only assume comes from the perfect idea of one way streets in your head (or from assumptions based on experience as a driver in the green wave). I don't believe you actually try to cross the street.

Crossing at a light is ok (although with turns allowed on reds it's not always perfect).

But there are HUGE distances between lights so it's not always a reasonable expectation to cross at a light. If you try to cross between lights, it becomes almost impossible because after the green wave passes, any cars who are turning on to main from a side street fill in the gap at very high speeds, and they are often crossing multiple lanes while doing so, making it difficult to predict where they will be and when. These people are very motivated to catch up to the tail of the green wave in order to avoid stopping at a red. Because we allow left AND right turns on red, these cars are in every lane.

The only time it's as safe as you describe is in the off hours, when a two way street would also have fewer cars and would be even safer because everyone would be going a more reasonable speed.

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