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By RobF (registered) | Posted February 02, 2015 at 12:48:42 in reply to Comment 108667

The only thing sad is your drivel-laden logic. Who said that a citizens' forum on rapid transit would be "an inclusive way to move the City past a highly divisive issue"? Fred Eisenberger and perhaps his campaign team. I don't know how you translate that into what readers/commenters on RTH believe is beyond me. Not speaking for others, I think you are confusing accepting the political reality of the moment and trying to work with it, with actually thinking it's the way to go ... we already know the way to go, we already had extensive public consultation, and we already had a council overwhelmingly endorse Rapid Ready. What we didn't have in Mayor Bob was a champion willing to expend political capital steering B-Line LRT around the shoals of obstruction and parochialism. He was the main obstruction. Now we have recalcitrance from certain Councillors who supported Rapid Ready not so long ago.

I for one have been suspicious of the idea from the beginning and see it as political strategy to undermine "Rapid Ready" and the B-Line in favour of A-Line as a classic centrist compromise that aligns with certain interests in Hamilton ... I hope I'm wrong, because doing the full A-Line before the B-Line is not in the public interest, or the best way to leverage a billion dollar investment to improve transit and catalyze reurbanization that would actually be "smart" growth.

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