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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted January 30, 2015 at 09:44:36 in reply to Comment 108563

Although I cycle, almost every day I rode the bus up the mountain from the GO station.

The Sanatorium and W5 get extremely crowded. The bus was stuffed by the time it started up the mountain and sometimes by Fenell and W5 it was leaving people behind. I could see that the nice lady driving the bus was actually doing her best to stuff everybody on and not leave anyone behind.

But getting a ride up the hill on the bus was perfectly comfortable in and of itself. There was no reason I wouldn't have happily done that indefinitely. Especially with a 50-cent tap-on when switching from GO train.

So to answer your question, I took the bus 5 days a week, not year. The route did not have capacity for me.

There was one particular instance when it passed me by at Hunter Street. That was the last straw. I converted my favorite mountain bike to electric, to give me a ride on the tired or lazy days. Save the HSR the burden of one more body on board. With flatproof tires and regular maintenance, I have never taken the bus again after that. The e-bike is already 16 months old, 4 months past the point where its paid for itself; my Presto card is completely idle now.

Since then I no longer live there, so it wouldn't be my route any more, but the story is 100% legit. I got pushed off the HSR by the crushed capacities.


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