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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted January 29, 2015 at 13:29:40 in reply to Comment 108543

It's clear that for a few Councillors doing without a car is not possible ... this highlights one of the big problems with the current HSR system. But maybe these councillors could propose taking the bus where possible (e.g. from City Hall to other meetings in the City served by transit). Another option would be to drive to a friend's house in your ward near a bus stop, and then take the bus the remainder of the way. There are many ways to respect the spirit of the challenge, rather than dismissing it out of hand. Remember, the pledge is only for a single week!

But even rural councillors could take the bus if the City, like other cities, established park-and-rides. Apparently, the city built at least one park-and-ride facility on Upper James with money from the Province:

However, some of the strongest objections came from Councillors, like Collins or Whitehead, in areas relatively well-served by transit. And if it is "impossible" for a busy professional to rely on transit in these areas, our system is really falling short.

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