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By Dylan (registered) | Posted January 16, 2015 at 19:20:20

I live in the bubble between King and Main between Sanford and Sherman. My kind wife drives me to the Go station at around 6:20am and picks me up on average around 6:30pm in the evening. It's a five minute drive each way. Not the height of rush hour, but not exactly an off time either. This is ludicrously fast in my opinion. While I appreciate the speed at the beginning and end of a long day, I would gladly double it if it meant I could have two walkable streets without the seedy establishments and boarded up windows that there are currently.

Where I live Main is 5 lanes wide and King is 4. People often describe the thoroughfares, mostly tongue in cheek, as comparable to a 400 series highway. The sad reality is that with exception to small sections of the 401 through Toronto, no 400 series highway has that kind of capacity in one direction.

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