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By Exile (registered) | Posted January 10, 2015 at 19:39:11

Hey Folks, I live on Main St. @ Locke. I often wonder why does the 403 east drops from three lanes to two at the Main St. E. exit ramp. If you exit at said ramp, your gifted by being able to choose between FIVE lanes on the MAIN STREET HIGHWAY all the way to the delta! At all hours there is traffic traveling at speeds up to 80-90 kph SEVEN FEET FROM MY FRONT STEPS! (I went out and measured.) Sure yeah i'm biased, but for fuck sakes i've traveled around the world and never experienced a gateway to the city like we have here. Okay maybe Edmonton is an exception. When I spend time in front of my home I wear ear plugs because the traffic (platoons, really like the war/military reference) here is deafening. Not to mention the pollution that the platoons carry into the city and deposit it into our lungs and onto our properties. It seems like the city is at war with not only our physical, but mental health as well, with their awful idea of what a Main Street should be. Yes I CHOSE to live here but I'd like to be present for the great change that can and should happen in my lifetime, I would love to see and hear it.

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