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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted January 05, 2015 at 17:31:42 in reply to Comment 107498

Anyone who is in a no-hunting zone hunting is in the wrong. Anyone who has a firearms in their hands, loaded or not, has to have the upmost respect, awareness, and understanding of the implications of having it in their hands. Anyone who is driving in a no-driving zone is in the wrong. Anyone who is using a vehicle, motorized or not, has to have the upmost respect, awareness, and understanding of the implication of having it in their hands.

It goes both ways. The driver is in the wrong here, no question. Jason's analogy makes no sense as the driver was not in a no-driving zone, but failed to stop for whatever reason. A more apt analogy would be in a legit hunting area, but on land that has posted "no trespassing" signs, going onto the property, and then shooting someone who is out there.

We have these issues at the in-laws' house in Selkirk. They live in a remote area, an area which is hunted on all the time during hunting season, but they have posted no trespassing signs everywhere. They still get hunters who come through because it's easier. All they have to do is ask, but they'd rather just wander through. Whenever people go for a walk back there, we wear bright orange safety vests and hats because we don't want to get shot by someone who shouldn't be there in the first place. We shouldn't have to, but we do.

This is just like what's happened here. We don't know why the driver didn't stop. Cyclists shouldn't have to armor up and be treated like they don't belong. Everyone should be expected to follow the rules. It doesn't happen and I'm sorry to hear about the extensive physical injuries you've sustained.

And KevinLove, our impressions and ideas rarely coincide, but I agree with you on the absolute lack of seriousness taken on legitimage car vs bike hits. The police need to do more than just take a report and mark it as an accident or so forth. It's also why the police tend to use the word "collision" rather than "accident", as accident implies nobody is to blame and nobody is at fault.

Please, get well and let us know how you make out, as well as what happens with this incident.

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