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By J (registered) | Posted January 05, 2015 at 13:30:50 in reply to Comment 107505

Jason's analogy is correct, the point is that a traffic accident is all too cavalierly cited by police as a pure accident without contribution by the city, whereas other types of accident are not so simply explained away.

Here, the city contributes to the accident by virtue of allowing a status quo that is known to cause harm. The blameworthy driver is only one additional contributing factor.

Even wholly condemned acts like drunk driving or street racing, in which drivers are more readily held blameworthy, still results in fairly negligible charges - loss of license for a year for example, or loss of your vehicle. Judges regard these as serious sentences. I would argue that a single act of speeding 30 kph over the limit should be an automatic loss of license. Yet in our country you can get caught driving drunk 3 times before your license is taken away for good. We all know these actions directly cause immense risk, yet we allow it to continue.

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