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By H1 (anonymous) | Posted December 22, 2014 at 13:30:53

"Hasn't he done the math? One standard 40-foot bus with a capacity of about 40 passengers occupies the road space of two automobiles, which at the very most could carry 10-12 passengers."
this would be true if everyone lived in the same house and wanted to go to the same destination. Reality is the car is the most efficient use of our roads. each person may need to take several busses to arrive at their various destinations. that would be the equivalent of 30-40 busses, more space that 40 cars! Also each person might have a trip that would take 2 to 10 times longer on public transit. in my case I can drive to work in ten minutes. Public transit would require four buses three transfers and take about one hour. If you add the time I would bet transit causes as much if not more pollution per total trip than driving. Again the busses or LRT will still be operating even if no one is riding. Finally are the Buses not all powered by natural gas in Hamilton?

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