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By Noble cycles (anonymous) | Posted December 10, 2014 at 06:25:46

I'm on king.

The bus lane causes issues with parking.

It is counter intuitive to park on the left, which makes people pass your shop and not circle the block.

The bus lane is not being utilized properly by sharing it with bikes... Like they do in downtown London.

Rolly rockets does not get the same business it did before the bus lane.

There was always people parking at king and Locke on a Thursday for half price wings... Now not so much.

I just think that we could plan this a bit better. I am all for increasing transit as it grows the city and enables people to explore how beautiful this place can be.

I have been involved in bikes for over 20 years now full time, I have been involved in cycling in Niagara and in Toronto since before they had lanes. I grew up riding here on the escarpment, at Beas and the yellow ramp in the mountain. We could be working together a bit better if people realized what it's like to have safer streets.

As it stands right now, I can't stay open all winter because the city has made it so you can't legally ride down king.

When people make judgement about the small businesses in Hamilton, they should really consider that this really is not an easy city to run a business in. I do not come from money and I work 12-15 hours a day tuning up bikes from the 70s and making zero money doing it... Just so people can get around without a car.

King is a highway... A highway that runs through your downtown core.

The bus lane is causing problems.

I have seen a cycling friendly city, I have lived a breathed cycling for a long time.... This city could be great.

I don't have the answers... But it seems like folks need to be a bit more open to how it is done elsewhere.

Since I am on king and I am a small business I felt it was necessary to give my view, as I have two decades if experience with cycling and helping people run bike shops, run events, and get skate parks built.

Hamilton is deffinitely a hard place to be liked in, it's almost as if when you open a shop and try to do good... You get harshly judged.

I fix and build bikes, I always will. I moved back to this area because it could be amazing if people were a bit more open minded.

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