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By fmurray (registered) | Posted December 07, 2014 at 17:10:49

Jason Farr likes to cut through complicated messes using the shortest possible route. Sometimes this works well, and sometimes maybe it doesn't (secret meeting with Mac??). It seems to me that he wanted to bring people together -- the staff who explain process to him on one side and community activists who yell into his other ear. It's a time-saver to get people into the same room and have them talk to each other instead of through him as a conduit.

I'm glad this meeting took place, but am only cautiously optimistic. We all understand that changes "take time", but if St. Catharines can do it, why are we STILL waiting for conversion of streets and when the conversion happens, they don't change the whole street (e.g. Caroline, Hess, Rebecca). The patchwork is more than a little ridiculous and is making our city a bigger nightmare for residents and visitors (especially visitors).

Dear City of Hamilton: Please convert streets along their whole length. And please do it faster. Thank you.

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