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By RobF (registered) | Posted December 06, 2014 at 22:18:23 in reply to Comment 106656

I'm not sure that the North End Neighbours are being "shut out by the new administration". Perhaps we should give our Councillor the benefit of the doubt and see what else he does in terms of consultation with Ward 2 NAs and residents.

And to be fair, Councillor Farr is free to arrange meetings and informal discussions between private citizens and city staff. I don't see that any secret decisions were made, or that the meeting was particularly secret.

It was invite only, but let's not muddy the waters.

RTH has published a story about the meeting detailing who was there and the general tenor of the discussion. So, it's public knowledge that it took place and we know the general position of the 5 participants on what they'd like to see happen in Hamilton re: our streets. There will be plenty of opportunities for wider consultation and it was a nice gesture on Councillor Farr's part to link up several prominent advocates for complete streets with relevant city staff. Nothing shocking here. Let's move on.

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