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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted September 30, 2014 at 12:27:45 in reply to Comment 104999

You clearly haven't attempt to take advantage of the "good opportunity" for pedestrians to cross afforded by the platoons of fast moving cars accelerating up the hill, oblivious to the 40km/h speed limit.

Try it sometime when you're attempting to take your four year old from the daycare at the YWCA to Central School ... you'll find that it is just not safe to try to judge the speed of fast moving cars that will not stop for pedestrians when you're walking with a young child.

By the way, the YWCA also has a popular Senior's Centre. Do you think Seniors are happy to dart across gaps in traffic, or to carefully judge the speed of oncoming cars who will not stop for a pedestrian in the middle of the street?

The "gap" might work if motorists actually followed the law and yielded to crossing pedestrians, but Hamilton motorists have somehow forgotten this part of the Highway Traffic Act: pedestrians need to wait for a gap large enough that motorists can stop safely, and motorists must yield to crossing pedestrians. Surely you must have observed that in reality it just doesn't work like that here!

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